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29 September 2007

winter wonderland

Today started out chill and rainy, but the soccer games played on. Then about 3 pm the rain changed to snow and did not stop. This is the earliest snow day I can remember, in the 17 years I've lived in Utah.
So, we got cozy, hunkered down and made all sorts of hot treats. Muffins, hot chocolate (between soccer games) tuna melts and chocolate chip cookies.
I'm having mixed feeling about the snow, which is usually not the case. As a snow sports enthusiast any snowfall is usually a very good thing. But, here are the troubles I have with snow in September:
Perhaps the end of local yummy fruit- if it all freezes tonight
Kids scrambling through tubs and closets to find boots, gloves, snow pants etc. and making a tremendous wet mess- I thought I wouldn't have to worry about this sort of disheveledness for at least another month.
Gardens frozen- not mine, I didn't plant anything because of the long summer trip, but, all of the poor folks I have been begging tomatoes and basil from:)
Do I put up Halloween or Christmas decor?
Crew just told me he wants Santa to come RIGHT NOW.
The end of mountain biking in the high country- but I was just getting started....
Property damage. The leaves are not only still on my trees, they haven't even changed color yet, leaving me a yard full of droopy trees with branches ready to snap under the weight of all the wet snow.
This is the oak in my front yard. It's one of the tall, narrow oaks- the first kind of tree to get jacked up by an early snowfall. I spent a very wet hour with my broom and telescoping window squeegie trying to get enough snow off the branches of all of our trees so they don't snap. I hope it changes back to rain soon so we don't loose any trees.


Bridget said...

Wow- Provo was not that cold! I still have basil and tomatos if you need some!

lex said...

WOW! I can't say I'm jealous...I would really rather, right now, have our nice fall days during which I can still go for my rides. But don't be wasting all that snow so early...I AM coming back in DEC! :)

Bess said...

Harriett asked if we could go Christmas caroling.

Noelle Olpin said...

Come caroling to our house please, we would love it Harriet!


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