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19 September 2007

scrappy doo

I cannot throw away fabric. I doesn't matter how small the piece may be, I might need it for something, somewhere.
For the most part this has been a good policy. I use tiny pieces all the time for patching things, pockets in purses, collages, or really tiny pieces for applique quilting.
That is- of course- if I can be organized enough to find them when I need them. Having my own workroom has helped, now I have little bins sorted by scrap size. The bin of long skinny strips was overflowing. I'm not sure why I have probably 100 strips of fabric about 2 inches wide, but something had to be done with them. I started sewing them together randomly. I like the crazy color/pattern combinations that came from just grabbing the next piece and sewing it on without any thought. I'm thinking pillows, aprons, uummm...we'll see what else I can think up.


H said...

Your fabrics are so cool to start with... put them all together and wow! whopsy cool. Could be an awesome frenetic quilt when done! Slip covers on dining room chairs? Tea cozy?

lex said...

How about a funky tree skirt for your totally awesome Utah Christmas tree? Oh and by the way, I didn't choose pink for my blog for pink's sake, it was the closest to maroon I could find...the color of UMass. But I'm happy to have pink! Pink is my favorite color...:)!

Noelle Olpin said...

thanks ladies, I love all the ideas. I think I'm gonna wish I had more scraps in the end.

Diania said...

So I'm totally bored today reading people's blogs. Have been to They are always talking about great places to buy fabrics and craft stuff. They have the cutest blog. I started one too. But it isn't very interesting. But if you ever want to see cute pictures of Finn

steph said...

Pillows,pillows,that would be fun! All layered and crazy. you're a babe,love your new hair do!


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