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10 September 2007


Staying home and relaxing can sometimes be the perfect weekend. It was just what I needed. We watched some good soccer games (Quinn and Fischer scored goals!) went mountain biking, stayed in with the kids and watched Marie Antoinette and High School Musical 2.
But Sunday was the best. We just signed back up for the New York Times Sunday delivery, it's been a few years since we've taken it. What a treat to wake up Sunday morning and there it was waiting on our doorstep. Lounging with the Times and CBS Sunday Morning is the best way I can think to spend a weekend morning.
Then, Steve O took the kids to Salt Lake to film/watch the State BMX championships and left me to a quiet empty house. I took full advantage of my solidarity by picking up Eclipse (I've been waiting for the perfect long chunk of time to read this book...without interruption) I read all day and night and finished the book- loved it- just like the others.
Tonight, I reread my favorite parts then return it to Bess, who kindly lent it- so I can't reread the entire thing. I really don't have time for that, but I might not be able to help myself.


lex said...

OK I read all three books finishing eclipse last monday. I think I did it in about 2 weeks...LOVED THEM! yes yes, ME! SO good. I'm actually in love with if you know one...send him to MA! I would even take him as a...well, I won't say what he is, just in case someone hasn't read the books yet...don't want to spoil it! :)

steph said...

There is a bumper sticker out there that says I love Edward Cullen! I want that. He is my boyfriend. We need to talk some more about it. How can I wait for # 4???

H said...

The Sunday New York Times is too fantastic. We stopped our subscription a few years ago as well. I wasn't getting anything done! Also, we needed the Sunday Funnies. I'd chew on the NYT magazine, then the book reviews, read the Metropolitan Journal (real NYC stories) to the kids. The Metropolitan Journal was switched to the Monday edition. IN comparison the Des. News is terrible, with the exception of the daily funnies -- such short articles, WITH TYPE-Os. Their Sunday comic section is sandwiched between ads, many are printed half size. If only the NYT had funny-pages...

Congratulations to Q & F on their goals!


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