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11 September 2007

Candy World

On Saturday the kids set up shop in front of the house. A candy/snowcone shop as you can see. This is one of their favorite activities, they can spend all day hand-cranking out ice shavings for snowcones, and sacrificing their own candy stash- for a buck or two... They love setting up stores, especially when there is the possibility of real cash to be made. They get out the play cash register, make signs, put out a tip jar, and even remember a tablecloth. All approved employees are paid at the end of the day according to the amount of work they contributed, and loitering- apparently, will not be tolerated.

I mean come on people...we are trying to run a business here?!

1 comment: said...

Hey Noelle,
I came across your blog through the Ream's blog! I just wanted to let you know I will be visiting your blog frequently! I love blogs, but I am not creative enough to have my own. So, I'll just read yours and others.
I have not read Eclipse yet. I am number 3 in line at the massive Santaquin Library...any day now. I can hardly wait.
Have a good one,
Melissa Miller


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