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07 September 2007

fabric shopping

Broadbent's is in Lehi Utah, I just noticed after taking this picture- the great signage out front, it reminds me of the classic 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign.
This store is one of my favorites to take my time and wander though. The best way I can describe it is extremely random, and I guess that's fine because it is a general store. You can find all manner of knick-knacks and decor within- clothing, glass and porcelain figurines and collectables, furniture, country, bear, fishing, seasonal trinkets- the list goes on and on. Oh- and you should see the place at is a sight to behold.
Most of the store is not my style, but I do enjoy looking around. My favorite part is the fabric section. They have a fabulous selection of cotton prints and lots of cute flannel. The store is about a 30 minute drive from my house but I find that I must stop in fairly regularly to see what's new.

This is what I came home with, I already have some of the brown one- second from the left with the apples and pears, but I have already used most of it. The sock monkey fabric is new and so funny to me, I can't help stocking up, I always use it somewhere. As you can see, I just can't help myself with the Alexander Henry prints.

1 comment:

H said...

Lovely stuff! Can't wait to see what you create.

C and I looked into buying a hollowed out building in Lehi... was told the city bought it and all the buildings on the block to "improve" the street --including Porter's Place. 'Eh?

Places like Broadbent's are too rare, reminds me of the fellow in the book 1984 going into an antique shop.

Several of my favorite stores are or have recently closed. Interstate Ceramics, Consider the Kitchen, Shepard's Cake & Candy ... I'll have to visit Broadbent's soon.


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