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04 September 2007

aqua fun and games

We spent the last official weekend of summer at Lake Powell, camping in the desert sun and swimming nonstop in the 80 degree water. We are far from the motorboat type, but- the 1977 Sea Ray we apprehensively acquired last winter- specifically for the purpose of getting to know Lake Powell a little better- pulled through marvelously.

The kids enjoyed playing "Rescue Team" on the slickrock slope next to our camp. This means pretending someone needs rescuing... running and diving in the water Baywatch style to save them. Maia, pictured here, needs to go back to Rescue Team diving school to work on her long-shallow dives. Ironically she ended up needing a real Rescue Team... put 8 stitches in her head- the back of her head. (I don't really get how that happened.) In any case she's got stitches to show everyone at school and I have insurance company battle brewing (preferred provider, after-hours blah, blah, blah). But, despite that minor set back- the holiday weekend was a smashing success and loads of fun.
(I decided to spare you the bloody pre-stitches shot, I didn't want to make anyone sick.)

1 comment:

steph said...

Looks like a good time noelle-o. Sorry about the stitches maia ouch! We missed you in Idaho. Love the boat though!


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