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01 October 2007

racking my brain

I saw this license plate today, it made me laugh. We say this all the time, but, I can't remember...what movie is it from?


Diania said...

O Brother Where Art thou? RUNNOFT :)

Noelle Olpin said...

thank you my dear, I was thinking Raising Arizona, that movie gets quoted a lot around here too.

Michelle said...

Yes, it was O Brother Where Art thou? We showed it to the students on the tour bus just last week. We were supposed to be watching a cartoon version of El Cid (classic medieval knight stuff), but the CD had only sappy music video clips from the movie. (Guess we grabbed the wrong CD from the case.) Anyway, we watched OBWAT instead and it was so fun. Especially since we are doing our own runningoft here in Europe. Sounds like things are hopping there at home! You're the most productive gal I know!

waynecountychefs said...

to depart, leave (from O Brother! Where art thou?) The boy's ma not here. She dun runnoft


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