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15 August 2011

the note

The note the kids left on the countertop in the kitchen the morning (Friday) we had to brush the sand off our feet, pack it up, say goodbye to the beach house and drag ourselves back to Utah.
The teens got up at 6:30 am for some last minute surfing, good work team members.

10 August 2011

sharing the wave

Three kids, one wave. I clicked 1 second too early to get everyone standing up. I love Doheny waves.

tiny flower quilts

It seems like I've been cutting out circles of fabric all summer. Everywhere I go I bring a bag of scraps and some scissors, and here is why...

To make these little wall hanging quilts. 

It's been years and years since I've made this kind of quilt. It's been fun putting colors and patterns together, but more fun sitting on the beach and doin' it.

08 August 2011

open house

This spec home just built on Capistrano Beach, just down Beach Road from where we stay, was just finished a few months ago. We decided to take advantage of the open house going on this past weekend and do a little walk through.
The kitchen- the whole house is very modern, black (dark brown) and white, clean lines and open spaces, I like it.

Lovin' the sink in the extra bathroom but it might need Windexing daily.

The icing on the cake was the master bedroom with a cherry and whip cream on top being the master bathroom. Oh man, dream bathroom. Two sections of wall, which is made of glass, fold back in an accordion way to open the whole room to the ocean, including this section between the tub and shower (closed in the picture). 

If you aren't big on privacy then perhaps this isn't the bathroom for you, anyone walking down the beach need only glance up as they pass. 
I think I could do without the privacy (having kids make you change your mind about the minor technicalities of life such as nudity...) and I will likely dream about this shower/tub (indoor-outdoor option) for the rest of my life, as will my children. I need to use this as a teaching tool, "if you focus, study and do well in school and then go onto an excellent college, you may someday be able to afford a beach house with a bathroom like this one..."

06 August 2011

baby, there's a shark in the water

Who feels like a swim?

Thank goodness for the cast cover (and the wetsuit) for not keeping this kid out of the water. It's fun to watch and listen to comments from passerbyers as they try to figure out what is going on with the blue rubber arm. I think the webbed finger aspect makes up for having a cast on your arm when it comes to paddling into waves.

A little light reading in cousin Megan's hammock.

This little fella wandered into the house and the kids easily caught him, I think he was a little dehydrated and was missing his mum. We set him free as soon as possible, he was looking too feeble and exhausted to keep as a pet for very long.

02 August 2011


The color of choice, in all things... yellow.

30 July 2011

the next batch

Another batch of purses... almost ready to go, or I should say- with their faces on.

Scribble sewing on a few...

Waiting to be washed, for a more weathered looking face.

It's time for a vacation, which just means bringing my sewing machine to a different place. Going to the beach, and sewing at the beach is ALL good.

27 July 2011

I love this town

Did I mention that I love my new hometown? I've been taking advantage of the summer mornings to get some outdoor fun in while things are still quiet and kids are still asleep. This morning we went for an open water swim in Deer Creek- delightful, followed by a run- not so delightful, in fact a little painful, but I got it done.
The thistle (I think that's what they are called) here, a prickly weed growing everywhere is even picture worthy, just don't try and take a bouquet home without gloves or a pair of snippers...

My mountain bike had been feeling the love too, Dutch Hollow trails are just a hop and skip from the house. I sure do love summertime in this place.

25 July 2011

getting it together

Purses, put together (but without their handles, yet). It's been so long since I've made purses, and I'm not sure why- moving, procrastinating then running out of time before a deadline- you know- stuff like that. I've enjoyed the process, more than I thought I would. I should make bags more often-

For the dog lover, more Heather Ross fabric that I only have left in bits and pieces, so I have to try and make the most of it. I put some city fabric behind it, Hudson Bay to be specific (I can't remember the manufacturer...).  Loads of whimsical silliness in this batch- dogs, monkeys, elephants, unicorns, loteria cards, owls, birds and bikes. If you want to get your eyes or hands on these bags you've got to come to Swiss Days in Midway Utah (Sept. 2-3) where we will making our big debut, with other sewn goodies as well, stay tuned to see just what else I'm making.

21 July 2011

cast art

The first question one might ask is what color was the cast? The answer is green. As we left the doctors office with the brand new cast (about 2 weeks ago)F told me he wasn't going to let anyone write anything on it, ever. Oh well, so much for that plan. 
Paint pens come in very handy at times like these, even better than Sharpies on fiberglass.

There should be a cast decorating contest, and the winner gets, um, let's see... all their medical bills paid!

This piece of art stays on for another week, then the doctors will take it off, take out the pins that are holding the ulna bone in place (sticking out of the skin but buried under the cast), put a short cast on and he'll be able to bend his arm once again.
The original x-ray... ouch!

18 July 2011

lake day

We got together with the cousins at Deer Creek this weekend- everyone brought their floaties and water toys (for some this means their full scuba gear... Auntie April) life jackets and trucker hats.

 ...plastic bags and duct tape

When it gets too hot you'll resort to getting submerged any way you can while still keeping the cast --and the pins under that cast-- dry.

Cousins, diggin' in the sand. M has her 'pretty' bathing suit on, if it's not decidedly 'pretty' she'll discard it for another outfit, Precia (her mom) loves this. Thanks to all who planned the fun, life is complicated and busy and why do I need to get pushed out the door for an afternoon of relaxing? 
A day by the water is just what we all need- that means you too.

15 July 2011

Tie-Dye Party

Super Dad Steve O has been preparing for this party for weeks... he ordered all the supplies from Dharma Trading- a great resource for all things tie-dye, and they were off...

We made a trip to the local thrift store and picked up some white dyeables. We found these white pants that Q cut off and worked some magic on (go ahead and remark on the unfortunate placement of color...) she'll just be able to discern which of her friends and family are polite and well mannered from, well, the rest.

Tank top for M (from the thrift store, thank you) turned out cute with the little white beads and stitching not dyed, good work on the collared shirt too.

Team broken arm, with the job of rinsing and 'accidentally' spraying each other quite a bit too, keep the cast dry please boys.

The team above all made themselves matching rasta colored tank tops. If it were me... the tank top would fit lengthwise, once I got it pulled down around my middle. But in their case, I think we are going to have to take off an inch or two to insure it doesn't get mistaken as a skirt.

14 July 2011

making purses

For the first time in what seems like forever, I am getting a batch of purses ready to be sewn together.  It's one of those things I procrastinate because it feels like such an overwhelming project-- but once I get rolling, I can't stop. Another idea strikes me and I have to design just one more...

Occasionally, I have a panic attack thinking that I am running out of fabric, which is completely ridiculous and would likely never happen even if I didn't purchase another yard for the next 5 years. But, I am running out of the bicycle fabric going into this purse. I think it's from the Heather Ross Lighting Bugs and other Mysteries line of fabric from a few years ago. I only have a few little strips left. I kind of want to hoard what I've got left, maybe I'll hang onto a bike or two. I'm almost out of VW Vans and goldfish fabric from the same line- for those of you who remember. So stinkin' cute.

So, whoever gets this purse should feel super lucky...

It's all about the circles (and bikes and flowers), this batch of purses is full of them.

12 July 2011

rescue heroes

I was working away in my basement 'sweat shop' (the way I lovingly refer to my sewing room when I'm under the gun/working with a deadline) when I heard something in the window well. This tiny dude had lost his way and taken a tumble. Thank goodness I heard him and was able to save his little life before he succumbed to the elements.

Q was more than willing to rescue the poor little fella. We debated putting him in a box and observing (or keeping him as a pet, whatever you want to call it...) for a little while but he was squawking away and we could hear his mama, not far away, calling back.

He took off running when Q let him go, so I never got a full body shot, dang. We need a bird book so we can look up his type- some sort of a duck, hopefully magical, and I can start using my three wishes anytime...

08 July 2011

real issues

painted desk

Here is the before picture...

and the after... I finally sat down with a brush and leftover garage door paint (Martha Stewart for Home Depot- 'Hosta') and got her done. I purposely brushed it on thinly, I wanted some of the wood grain still visible without getting out the sandpaper and officially antiquing it. Looks cute, with the silver bed next to it too.

06 July 2011

morning paddle

We rolled out of bed early today and got the kayaks out onto the lake. The sun was just coming up; rain (and a very impressive thunderstorm) rolled through last night and left everything shrouded in mist and feeling fresh.

Deer Creek reservoir is chocked full of water, I don't think I've ever seen the water so high. It's nice to not have to look at the high water mark around the edges of the lake.

I'm glad I wasn't swimming- in the swamp sections, I can only imagine feeling the underwater growth touch my legs and losing it. The plants were magical from above, with the pretty pink blooms.

glassy water

wild roses

Looking toward Midway... I decided to avoid getting attacked by the swans and not try and get any closer than this.

02 July 2011

first broken bone

My dude F broke his arm at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania yesterday. He's been a ski camper all week- working on his ski jumping, flipping and grinding skills-- loving every minute of it.  Apparently, he fell hard on a box jump and broke both bones just above the wrist- ouch. It was a bit of a compound fracture (the bone sticking out) so they whisked him into surgery to make the necessary repairs and add a little hardware, I think temporary though- on the hardware. Luckily his Dad was there with him and they fly back tomorrow.

Poor fella, it's going to be the summer of the cast, no more par-core for awhile.


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