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24 September 2008

random post

*Here is a much less controversial post.

*I am throughly in love with fall- the weather and the abundance of farm fresh fruit and garden vegetables.

*I wish I had gone for a bike ride today (instead of cleaning the bathrooms and mowing the lawn) while all the kids were at school.

*In the picture is a reversible apron I just made for a little friend. Her Mom is having a cooking theme birthday party for her. What a clever idea for a party.


Midge said...

Super cute apron. Do you have anything in Frosty Darlings? If not you should.
I was going to be the bigger man and not respond to BBL but after reading his second post he sounds like someone I'm probably friends with. Atleast it made me re-think posting it on my blog. Thanks for taking the heat. I know I'm naive and I wish to whomever I was more so some days.

Anonymous said...

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