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22 September 2007

Dew Tour

(l to r) Simon Tabron, Steve Olpin, Pippa Tabron, Chris Woodage, Noelle Olpin at the AST Dew Tour.
(l to r) Quinn, Maia, Auntie April, Jared, Fischer, Fuzzy, Crew

Steve O has been filming in Salt Lake at the AST Dew Tour. The kids have been counting down the days all week to this big event. The kids were so excited to see the famous boys of BMX and get their pictures taken with them. Here they are with Fuzzy Hall. We watched the BMX dirt Jump finals, there were tons of spectators, good energy- wild and crazy night o' fun.


Bess said...

Micah will be so jealous. He is watching on tv as I write this.

Noelle Olpin said...

We should have had him along, with Harriet. They would have had a good time.

lex said...

I watched this in MA! I thought of you and Steve O thinking he might be there filming. I loved the view of the dirt bikes with the temple in the a totally different view on life!


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