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09 February 2009

jeweled Christmas tree

One might remember that last February as I was finally ready to make my jeweled Christmas tree, I got impatient or silly or whatever you want to call it and made this heart instead. Well, I finally got around to making that tree this February.
I've had this frame forever- I got it at Hobby Lobby years ago when I began dreaming up this project. It was super on sale- I think I bought it for $9.99. You can't tell from the backside in this picture but it's thick and gaudy- the gaudier the better for this project. I cut a piece of masonite to fit inside the frame and built the tree on. The material had to be thick enough to support the weight of all sparkly gems.
I used a sponge brush to cover the masonite with a thin coat of fabric glue, then pressed on the velvet fabric for the background. I lightly drew the outline of the tree onto the velvet with chalk, any lines left visible rub off easily in the end. I prearranged the jewels on an extra piece of velvet, in the exact shape I was after.
All of the pieces are glued on with a hot glue gun. I tried to use a little glue as possible so it wouldn't be blobby and visible. I started with the edges and worked my way in, gluing the biggest jewels down first.
I have been collecting all the costume jewelry for years. This project can get very expensive if you're not careful. I found a few lots on ebay, a few are family heirlooms and I've done lots of digging in local antique shops for cheap broken and mismatched earrings and brooches.
I wanted the tree to look as solid as possible so I filled in the little gaps with tiny jewels and pearls.
A kind blogger friend gave me this bee (it was a belt buckle) and the 2 tiny bees (cuff links?) that are hidden in the mix at the last Beehive Bazaar- Midge, you are so sweet and thoughtful; what a treat to have a few bees to put in the mix!
I can't believe this tree is finally finished. I feel like I've really accomplished something this week- and it's only Monday! It's going to be like the best Christmas present ever when I get to put my jeweled tree up this December.

Lice update: (gross) Everyone but M is still clean. When I checked her hair yesterday I found only 3 nits and 1 actual bug. I haven't seen a actual louse since day 1, even then she had less than 5 full grown bugs crawling around. (Is your head itching yet??) WOW- how did he slip thru the cracks? (I guess he just hatched, let's hope it was a "he".)
Last night we all soaked and washed our hair in the tea tree/eucaluptus oil shampoo concoction- just to be safe. (that tea tree oil is amazing stuff- after reading about it, I think I want to bathe in it.)
This morning I didn't find a single nit or bug in M's hair, hooray!
Let's hope this is the beginning of the end.


steph said...

I love the jeweled decor! I'm mostly glad the lice appear to be gone-yay!!!

Metalworx Design said...

It turned out so cute, I knew you would find something fabulous to do with them.

Metalworx Design said...

Sorry I'm logged in wrong, this is Midge

VaLene said...

That is the prettiest tree I've ever seen. I love the heart too. Sounds like you're getting on top of the lice. Yes, I'm itching.


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