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26 September 2007

yard work

Most of my day today (more like week) was spent thinking about what needed to be done outside, the long list of chores to be done before winter. And then, at long last- I finally pushed up my sleeves and got to work...long after noon.
One thing I really appreciated this summer, for the two months we were in Europe, was the absence of yard care. It's not that I don't love gardening or being in the great outdoors, but it's easy to admit- lawn maintenance and weeding get a little tedious over time.
So, nothing annual was planted this year, and most of my perennials have flowered already and are just waiting it out til winter. This delphinium plant, some yarrow, and a flowering sage are all the color I've got in my yard right now.
Thanks little delphinium for bringing just a bit of color to my otherwise humdrum yard.

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