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25 September 2007

luggage tag

Crew's preschool teacher sent home a note asking parents to put names on your child's backpack to make sure it goes home with the right student.
I bet when she holds up the Lightening McQueen backpack and asks, "who does this belong to?", every boy in the class volunteers, "me!" I know Crew definitely would.
He and I strongly disagree on clothing and accessories with logo's imblazon upon them. I thought this backpack was a good compromise, you know-checkered flag, race cars, perhaps close to having a Cars backpack, or maybe not. (but he really didn't have a choice in the end- sorry little dude.) This little backpack is from Hot Topic of all places. Don't be intimidated by the- wild, products mostly in black and for teens- store that you can find in just about every mall in America. Confidently march right in there, you may be surprised by what treasures can be found. This backpack is just the right size for a 3 year old, very affordable too. ($15)
All weekend I've had some ideas for a luggage/backpack tag rolling through my head, something with fabric of course.

This is what I came up with. I pictured it more punk rock, in my head- frayed, a bit smaller, red random stitching. But, it turned out tamer and plainer when I actually sewed it up at midnight last night. Maybe I'll try again later. But, too many tries and the teacher is bound to wonder if I'm crazy, have too much time on my hands or both. Crazy may be true to some extent, too much time...not quite, just obsessed with an idea.
Here is the backside. I think I'll put our phone number on this side with a thin sharpie, to make it a proper ID tag. I don't have a programable machine to do intricacies like tiny phone numbers, but now I wish I did.


Bess said...

Harriett learned long ago that she gets no clothing with any characters. I feel like a mean mom sometimes but damn there is some ugly stuff out there. She is pretty good about it now. Poor deprived child.
Crew is so cute. Love the backpack.

lex said...

Yeah, I love the backpack too. But what I love about the backpack the most is that it is normal size...I wish I could get away with that. :)


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