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23 January 2008

a night out

Wow, I finally left the house other than to go to the grocery story or to drop kids off at one lesson or another. It felt good to get out into the freezing cold world again, and work on my social skills for an evening, although I am definitely not anywhere near done hibernating.
My ladies took me out for my birthday- we went up to Park City, meandered around the Sundance Film Festival, dined at El Chubasco, and made fellow diners jealous when we revealed, then enjoyed my scrumptious 'Stephanie-made' chocolate cake.
We were way too disorganized to get into any films, oh well... I think we'll try and make it to a screening or two of the winning films on Monday, the day after the festival finishes, a local bonus. Thanks ladies for all the fabulous gifts, you guys always treat me right!

1 comment:

steph said...

Good night out, as always! I too bad all of the celebrities were covered up with winter gear. Thanks for the fun night out! I'm glad you enjoyed your birfday cake!


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