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21 January 2008

holiday weekend

It has been a most relaxing weekend. We did some skiing, indoor soccer, making and decorating loads of sugar cookies, and the clever little children (when they weren't working away on cookies) occupied themselves playing legos for almost two days straight...I love it when they all play happily and peacefully together and leave me in peace to watch 5 hour movies.
I finally watched the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I gotta tell you- it's still not my favorite. I'll tell you why: It's the two finals scenes in the Kiera Knightley version that I love so much. The scene where Mr. Darcy (I know, I know- the actor has a name, but I don't want to know it- he's Mr. Darcy to me) is walking across the misty field in the early dawn hours is so beautiful, and the final scene where they are together as man and wife and he's calling her Mrs. Darcy... ahhh. I suppose I'm just a silly and hopeless romantic but, I was so disappointed when the movie ended with just a kiss in the carriage. And so folks, I'm willing to call it a satisfactory film. I may have to watch the A&E version a few more times to truly love and appreciate it. And yes, Colin Firth did get more dreamy as the film progressed.
Embarassed, I admit- I'm going about things completely out of order. I am just now reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I guess I soon will find out how adapted both movies are- and the book's ending... that's the ending that really matters right?


Bess said...

I am sorry you didn't like the A&E version as much. I too am disappointed that all we get is a lame ass kiss but I also can't handle the last scene in the Kiera Knightly film when he calls her Mrs Darcy. It was so cheesy to me. I may have to watch that one again though, maybe it won't cheese me out the second time around.
I am glad to hear that Colin Firth grew on you a little bit. Watch it again.

CarrieAnne said...

I also dislike the cheesy "Mrs. Darcy" seen. Eww. But I LOVE the mist scene! Watch this video...totally good! I could watch the mist part over...and over...and over....yum!

H said...

So great that you are hibernating and watching movies! You know I'm not so great at watching movies... just watched the you tube link. That was about the right length for me. Pathetic, I know. One movie I have seen (twice!) is Bend it like Beckham, with Kiera K. The scene with her Mum in the lingerie shop still cracks me up. I've been there with my mother and recently with my daughter. Just now seeing Kiera, so beautiful, made me think of a soccer flick?! Are you going to the Sundance Fest?

Noelle Olpin said...

Let clarify... I LOVE the sappy last scene when Mr. Darcy is calling Kiera Knightley, "Mrs. Darcy"- it's my favorite! I guess I am just a romantic, dorky fool.

And I LOVE the youtube video Carrieanne, thanks for the tip.

Andrea said...

I went about all this the same as you ... saw the movies, then read the book. The language is rich and matches the feeling of the new film to me, but I think you'll like the long one after you read.
(I still don't get why the two most pivotal points are left to our imagination. I want to read him swooning!)
I've blog stalked for a while (so hi!) and couldn't pass up mentioning a big Jane Austin movie-athon on PBS at the mo. So get your Tivo on. :)

steph said...

I just watched the new version of p & p last night. The final 2 scenes of the movie are so dreamy! Skinny K.K. is so beautiful. The shots in that movie are also so beautiful and interesting. I think I love the bbc Jane Eyre more, could it be? I'm not sure. I love romantic movies so so much!! Oh yeah and Will and Grace because it just cracks me up when I'm eating my breakfast.


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