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18 January 2008

beautiful film week- friday

I've saved the best for last. My absolute favorite, most beautiful film ever is Pride and Prejudice. I love the newest version, but I must admit I haven't seen the Colin Firth version. I've been reluctant to watch it because I don't find Colin Firth very dreamy. But, I think in celebration of my birthday today I think I'll curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and give it a try.

I can't finish up the week without mentioning a documentary or two. Devil's Playground is a thought provoking documentary that follows a handful of Amish teens as they go through the adolescent rite of passage called 'rumspringa'. Before I saw this movie I had no idea that this rite of passage took place in the Amish faith. I found this movie very interesting, insightful and thank goodness I never have to be a teenager again. It is kind of funny to watch the kids in their traditional Amish garb drinking and smoking it up.

Other noteworthy documentaries:
God Grew Tired of Us
Born Into Brothels
NY Doll


Bess said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I can't believe you haven't seen the A@E version of Pride and Prejudice. I didn't think Colin Firth was hot until this movie. I have seen it many times. The only hard part is finding 5 hours to watch it. Feel free to come over and borrow it or watch it with me. You must see it.

Have a fantastic birthday!

steph said...

Happy Birfday! I too want to watch the colin firth version of this film!
Have a great day...
steph h

Midge said...

Happy Birthday!
I thought that same thing about devils playground. I wonder what would happen if Mormons did that too. I loved NY Doll and born into brothels too, I have god grew tired of us on my list. Tell Steve thanks for inspiring me in his doc film class. I still remember the film by Alan Berliner, I've tracked down a couple of his other ones over the years.

delphinium twinkle said...

And a very happy birthday to you.

It is unbelievable how quickly the five hour version goes by and how much you love the characters.

Also NY Doll was a very touching movie...I'll have to take up some of your other suggestions. I think movie week is a great idea.

Many happy returns!

CarrieAnne said...

You haven't seen the Colin Firth version?!? What the crap? Tessa and I watched it recently. (For NOT the first time.) I wasn't a Colin Firth fan before but this movie has made me into one. You really must watch it!


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