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24 January 2008

book group

This was the book group book for December and January, Cristy's pick. I must say, I really enjoyed the journey that reading this novel took me on, and yes- it was quite a journey (700 pages). I was really looking forward to a good discussion but apparently no other book group members took 'hibernating' for the month of January with a stack of books and movies as seriously as I did. :)
The story behind the book: the author, Sena Jeter Naslund takes a small reference to Captain Ahab's young wife from Herman Melville's ''Moby-Dick'' and creates an amazing woman, Una Spencer and her story. Una was a inspiring character, my kind of gal- strong, independent, free spirited and open minded.
But, once again, in my backwards way of doing things, I wish I had read Moby Dick first. Hopefully, I can get around to it someday. Unfortunately, I really don't know anything about Moby Dick or Herman Melville. But I just found this interesting little fact when reading a review of the book. Apparently, Melville could barely tolerate the thought of women reading his books. Of ''Moby-Dick'' he wrote to a female acquaintance, ''Don't you buy it -- don't you read it when it does come out, because it is by no means a sort of book for you.'' Isn't it interesting that from less than a paragraphs reference to a wife in his book such an epic novel would come forth... and all about a woman? (and now I really want to read Moby Dick.)
Here is summing it all up from the Times review: "This book insists on happiness, sometimes to the exclusion of even the most generous reading of history. But why not? Men have got rich from their big harpoons and mythic beasts and improbable heroics. Don't women deserve their own fantastic voyages? " Amen to that ladies... and gentlemen.

Book Group February: The Mole People by Jennifer Toth


The Wilkinson Clan said...

You are so funny. Two words "cliff notes". Good 'ole English 101 gave an informal discussion on the symbolism and metaphors involved in "Moby Dick". You intrigued me about "Ahab's Wife". I want to see if it is at our local library.

steph said...

Let me tell you, I was hibernating all right and reading too, but that book was soooo slow and boring for me. It took me two months to get halfway through it. I'm glad that you explained the last half of the book to me though, I was glad to know what happened to poor Una in the end. Sorry it took you the whole morning to tell me the book. Looooottttssss of details. I am enjoying the new book, crazy and sad.


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