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14 January 2008

media month

I think the way things are shaping up around here, I need to dub the month of January 'media month'. I haven't really been making anything worth mentioning, all of my creativity has gone into hibernation. I have been doing lots of reading and catching up on movies, and highly mentionable- getting more sleep.
If you haven't caught the series Flight of the Chonchords on HBO, Youtube, or at the video store- you need to put it on your list. You will not be disappointed. It is good entertainment, right up my alley as far as funny goes. Check it out so you can be ready for Eagle vs. Shark. We just added it to our netflix, can't wait to watch it.


Midge said...

We got HBO just to watch that show, so sad it is over. Eagle vs. Shark was funny, kind of napoleon new-zealandite.

molly said...

hey noelle, would it be gay to comment on your blog to cheer you up? i heart jemaine.


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