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04 January 2008

do you have the time?

I just saw these funky watches by Clare Crespo while pouring over the NY Times Style magazine, from December. With a little research I found Clare is mostly an author of some very cool cupcake and other cookbooks. Since I don't need to make cupcakes but just stick close to Stephanie of Confectionary and her most scrumptious cakes and cupcakes found in the whole world, (her delicious cupcakes can be found at Dear Lizzie if you live in Utah and are now craving one), I turn my focus back to the knit timing devices.
Ok folks, this is how I want January to feel in my life. What time is it? Oh I don't know, let me just check my cute knit watch... I really want to be one of those people who don't really need to know the time... for at least one month. I think I need one of these watches for my birthday. (hint, hint)
Recently I've been thinking about picking up the knitting needles (I hope I can still remember how to knit), I think I now have a reason to try again.


H said...

So groovy!

On the other hand, so to speak, I'm back in the land of watch wearers and I am enjoying it. Now I am less connected to my mobile phone and am finding it is nicer to be connect to time than to everyone else on the planet. For the last several years I haven't worn a watch... I have about 4 watches in my closet with dead batteries to prove it.

ALSO: 100% agreement about Stephanie's delightful bella-kissies. Why bother making your own with such confection perfection so close!?

The Wilkinson Clan said...
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steph said...

You are so kind! I too need to pick up the knitting needles and start a project, other than a scarf! Cute watches, your birfday is just around the corner...
hailey, I love your phrases-confection perfection and bella kissies!


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