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29 January 2008

best of fest

It's always a treat to go to a Best of Fest screening after the film festival is over. Last night a bunch of us went up to Sundance to watch the World Cinema Jury Prize winning film, The King of Ping Pong. It's a Swedish film about a large, fat sixteen year old boy dealing with the troubles of youth- a broken home, bullies, girls etc. Slow at times, and occasionally leaving you happily musing... "why are foreign films so foreign?" I enjoyed listening to Swedish, watching the desolate Nordic landscape (I stayed bundled in my coat throughout the whole movie) the universal awkwardness of adolescence. All the characters from the chubby 'warm-blooded' mother to the prim and proper explicit scene sketching girlfriend -were endearing in one way or another. Overall, I more or less came to appreciate this film and great wintry night out. Thanks Wendy, kind ticket giver.

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