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11 January 2008

in honor of my muffin top

While looking around the world wide web today I stumbled across the short animated film works of Amy Winfrey. She has some very silly, funny stuff. We especially appreciated the Muffin series. These short films are dedicated to my lovely spouse and all of us who have done some overeating over the holidays and now have a "muffin-top" hanging over their belts. Click HERE to watch the muffin series.
Some of our personal favorites: #1, 2, 4 and 6.
Let me recommend #11 if you often find yourself pondering the question, 'why are foreign films so foreign?'


Precia said...

Dude, you totally don't have a muffin top! P

Noelle Olpin said...

I guess it depends on which pants I am wearing, but it's there honey, believe me, I have to wear it every day.


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