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31 January 2008

on This American Life and geraniums

Every year- just before things freeze, I dig up some geraniums and bring them inside. I love the color and cheerfulness they bring inside when just outside the window the world is blanketed in snow and about 15 degrees. They were looking especially good today in the bright sunshine we haven't seen much of lately. That's not a complaint, the more snow the better in my opinion. If it's going to be winter anyway... bring it on.

And so I continue with the media month theme on this last day of January, although it could very well spill over into February, I must mention another of my favorites. This American Life on NPR (KUER 90.1 in Utah) is one of the best radio shows around. I love everything about NPR, but This American Life is by far my favorite program. It plays on Sunday night at 6 of 7 pm which is extremely inconvenient, so the only time I can ever catch it is in a podcast or stored away on CD. The very first time we ever hear it was a program called The House on Loon Lake (2004) a mesmerizing, fascinatingly eerie story- we were making pizza for dinner- all conversation ceased and we hung on every word. Here are a few other favorites of mine: babysitting and American in Paris with David Sedaris to name a few. I'm not a faithful every every week listener- I wish I was. Unfortunately my life's too crazy (and apparently disorganized) for that. But, every show I've ever heard in deeply moving and thought provoking.
TAL shows are perfect to keep handy for drives- long and short, sewing, cooking, or any other quiet moment you might find yourself enjoying. I suppose I write this post for myself as much as anyone, to get busy downloading. My lovely spouse, Steve O keeps coming home from being on the road relaying second hand TAL stories, but I want to hear them first hand too- from Ira Glass. (I love his voice)

A couple of years ago Steve O was looking for a gift for his parents, after much deliberation he gave them a case full of TAL shows on CD because they spend so much driving back and forth between California and Utah. Now that's a handmade gift to make a lady proud. I think that was perhaps one of the best gift ideas ever, and I must admit I was a little jealous. (maybe I can borrow their batch for awhile)


lex said...

I personally believe that "wait, wait, don't tell me" is the best show on NPR! :)

Midge said...

Don't listen to lex, TAL is the best. I think I've been listening now for 7 years. It's what turned me on to NPR. It's on at 3 on saturday too, but lately I've been downloading the free podcasts on itunes. oh and the dvd of the Showtime version of TAL is out on Video now, I need to buy it. Then we get to see cute Ira instead of just listening to him.

CarrieAnne said...

"Click and Clack", "Wait Wait...",and "All Things Considered" are my favs. I haven't heard TAL. I'll look into it.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

The geraniums look beautiful. The gorgeous mountains in the background doesn't hurt either! I love bringing flowers in for the winter and showcasing them in the summer.


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