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08 January 2008

the clipboard

My list of New Years resolutions really includes just one thing and that is the job chart, and I'll tell ya why. I dread just about every weekday afternoon of the school year. I spent most the hours between 3 and 6 pm asking nicely, reminding, asking again, then begging and pleading my kids to get their homework and practicing done. It makes me crazy. I have tried for years to get on top of this aspect of life, but it seems bad habits prevail, this includes me. We make the charts, then they never get filled in by me and allowance never gets paid. The job chart meant nothing, constantly abandoned before it was really even started it's no wonder they never cared.
So, I have modified a few things and I am going to give it 110% and see if we can all change some habits around here.
First of all: The clipboard, magnetic and portable, enabling easy removal from the refrigerator to do a job check, or find me to "pass something off". This was a major part of the problem before, all of the responsibility fell on me to keep up with duties done, now it is the kids responsibility to get the chart filled in.
Then, my part again: to actually pay the kids their allowance. They each got an ATM bank for Christmas that keeps track of deposits and withdrawls. They are very excited to use them, but lack any income. (Of course I would prefer all the money earned to go into the real bank, but I hop this will replace the piggy bank (or misplaced plastic bag, pants pocket) and help teach them the value of money earned/ saved etc.)
Bottom line: Building good habits to last a lifetime. We'll see if this family can pull it off.

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