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15 January 2008

beautiful film week

It seems I have found some fellow film junkies all united in beautiful film week, I'm happily joining in! In reading the other participants recommendations and I have renewed my devotion to 'media month', but now I will pursue my film viewing in a more organized, inspired fashion. So, to start here are a few of my all time favorite international films:

Babette's Feast is an delicious piece of cinematography. I first saw it (all of these films actually) in college, many years ago (yikes!), at the International Cinema, and a few times since then. This is one of those movies you will never forget, the story, setting, characters, and ahhh- the meal... do not watch this movie hungry, it will be torture.
And, I just discovered, Babette's Feast is on the NY Times list as one of the 1000 best movies ever made.

Jean de Florette This film is the first in the two part series, Manon of the Spring is the sequel. It is set in rural France in the 50's, it is the tragic story of a little girl whose family is ruined by a neighbors desire to own her family's land. Beautiful images and excellent story.

Manon of the Spring A tale of revenge, and love. It is not a cheerful film, but if you're in a mood for tragedy at its best, it's well worth watching. Although Manon of the Spring can stand alone as it's own separate story, you will definitely gain a deeper understanding if you watch Jean de Florette first. Both films, masterpieces of modern French cinema.

Cinema Paradiso My filmmaking spouse turned me onto this movie years ago, I think we still have the tattered up VHS copy he brought into the marriage. A celebration of film, Cinema Paradiso is set in Italy. It's sentimental, funny and nostalgic- such a great, truly beautiful film.


Gritty Pretty said...

wow. such good taste in movies.

ZLB said...

these are all on my list of top favorites. love them.

Midge said...

Cinema Paradiso was one of the first movies I watched at International Cinema and I still remember walking out with that amazing feeling you get when you've just watched a really great movie that has trasported you. Jean de florette and Mannon of the spring did that to me aswell. I have the vhs copies too.

Noelle Olpin said...

I'm so glad you ladies agree!


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