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29 October 2007

cinderella and the frenchman

Halloween parties are always the best, you can step out of the monotony of real life and dress up, get silly, take hundreds of pictures, eat delicious snacks and dance the night away. When you hit middle age- is that where I am- scary?! Wait, let's say middle 30's- the opportunity to cut-the-rug doesn't come up very often. So, when it does... you just have to go for it, no matter what moves or costume you're sportin'. Halloween is a great excuse to wear way too much make-up and splash on generous amounts of glitter.
So, thank you to the Call's for the supergroovin' Halloween spectacular. It's always a pleasure. To take a peek at some of pics I took at the party look here

1 comment:

The Wilkinson Clan said...

How fun was that. It looks like it was a "jolly" party.


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