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17 October 2007

beach fun

This was the view on Saturday afternoon from Capistrano beach. Dana Point is just barely out of the picture to the right. It looked like perfect sailing weather, not too much wind, just enough to pull out the spinnaker if you like.

16 wonderful years of marriage, set in stones and pebbles.

We took about 200 pictures in 20 minutes- the beauty and downfall of the digital camera. By downfall I mean the trouble of keeping track of hundreds or even thousands of images. Sorting and storing all of those wacky pictures- ('cuz I have to keep them all, even the blurry ones- just in case I need them sometime) is a full time job I'm afraid I've fallen behind on. But, I still can't help myself, I fall further behind, I can't stop snapping.
Super silly stuff- handstands, jumping, spinning, cartwheels etc. This one is pretty funny with Maia pulling off a great handstand in the back there.

1 comment:

Sean said...

I thought I felt a disturbance in the force...


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