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24 October 2007

halloween dollies

Here are a few little Halloween friends I made a few years ago. These guys are about 18 inches tall and made of wool felt and other random fabrics for their clothes. I was kind of thinking about the trick-or-treater kids from Nightmare Before Christmas when I made them. I haven't made any dollies lately because they are so labor intensive, but maybe someday I'll get back into it. They are very fun to make, I love coming up with wacky faces and clothing for the little fellas. Oooh- looking at that witch now, I think she might need a halter top to complete her outfit.
yes, she has her witchy woman heels on.


lex said...

LOVE the skeleton doll! if I could only look so good for Halloween.

Gritty Pretty said...

i love them! you are so talented!


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