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31 October 2007

let them eat candy

Halloween is just so much fun. The simple fact that one night out of the year you can knock on just about any door in America and be given candy seems almost magical to me. And dressing up...that's my favorite part.
Cloths have always been important to me ever since I can remember. My Mom said that when I was very little she could name someone we saw that day and I could describe exactly what they were wearing. Halloween, to me, is an excuse to take clothing to the extreme- and I'm all over that. I love to sew, whatever the occasion, but especially when it comes to costumes. My kids know that they can ask for just about anything and I'll give it my best shot to make it happen.
Over the years we've had Elvis (size 18 months), "Bo" in her monster costume from the movie Monsters Inc., matching vikings, and many various and sundry princess/fancy lady types. I don't think it matter much to my girls 'who' you are exactly, but that there enough fabric in the dress so that a hoop may be worn underneath. As you can see, this year was no exception.
My kids are the perfect ages for good old, old fashioned Halloween fun... trick-or-treating until you drop. Getting ready for bed tonight I heard M sigh and say, "I love Halloween, it's my favorite." I agree. It's all about kids, a day when you can get dressed up, wear makeup, parade around and collect candy from adults while they smile at you and compliment your costume is just about a perfect day.
Right before bed I overheard M counting her candy, the number was around 150 pieces. You know what I say, go for it...let nature run it's course. Eat up my friends until it's all gone, but don't forget to brush your teeth really good. And, as your mother I will continue to insist you get your 5 servings of fruits and veggies and balanced meals in between all that candy.

Q as Marie Antoinette. Inspired by her trip to Versaille this summer. And of course, falls into the fancy lady (or royalty) from history who wears a hoop under her dress, that costume prerequisite.

I must admit I begged F to be a fish taco and he eventually agreed. It was very funny and got a lot of laughs. Kids were a little confused, (you eat fish in a taco??) This costume probably won't make them want to try one either, with the image of the head and tail still on when it's served to you burned in their little minds. Oops!

This is the first year any of my kids wanted to be something "scary", she may be a dead bride but she still looks very cute. At school today she said, (about the boy she has a crush on) "I wish he was dressed up as a dead groom". This picture is sans blackened bouquet of flowers, too much to worry about when you're toting 3 lbs.+ of candy around the neighborhood.

This policeman costume is recycled from a few years ago. We got lots of mileage out of the donut clipped to the belt next to the handcuffs and billy club. It took a bit of convincing for C to agree that real police are 'nice' and are there to protect you, not just handcuff anyone for no good reason...


Diania said...

I love the Cop picture. You are the best costume maker ever.

Noelle Olpin said...

Thanks, you are too kind.

Kelly Fam said...

I love your creativity! What cuter kids are there to wear those costumes, they're perfect! I got a kick out of the fish taco... very clever. -amber

steph said...

Little cop, are those donuts good?I love that picture. Of course, your costumes are the best,most awesome,most original in the world! The costume queen,the seamstress with the mostess,the most original,best costumes ever! Love the pics!

lex said...

I agree with everyone that the cop is great, but you did a wonderful job on all the costumes. I also love the fish taco! Hey, I'm from cali where it all started, I gotta love it! Very creative.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

What beautiful put us moms to shame. C is sooo adorable...I like the added touch of the donut. Q looks just like you when you were her age.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

el taco de pesca'o is pure genius. nice work.


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