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11 October 2007

some good october reading

I would like to recommend some good October reading. This book is fabulous, one of my favorite picture books by Chris Von Allsburg. (sorry about the bad picture, the book's a little beat up and the photo raw) A wonderful October read with a little mystery, action and adventure.

We are heading to California for our school fall break- to spend some time at the beach with grandma and grandpa. I am really looking forward to spending some time at the beach house, we haven't been since last summer and I think we've all really missed it.
It's our 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow and the spouse and I are going to bust out and leave the kids for a few of the days. THAT I am really looking forward too. Steve O and I haven't been it the same place at the same time without the kids for too long. See ya'll next week.

1 comment:

LindaO said...

Hey.., I had no idea we were married on the same day? Have a fun trip!


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