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19 October 2007

Megan's pick

I just finished reading My Sister's Keeper for book group. I really, really liked it. I find myself missing the characters and wondering what they are doing right now...I know, I know- kooky! But, to me that is the sign of a good story. It was thought provoking, and a good discussion starter. Highly recommendable.
Next month it's my turn to pick the book. I tend to want to pick classics (previous picks: Great Expectations, The Hobbit to name a few) This year is no exception, next we read- Lord of the Flies. I have had this book sitting on my night stand for about 6 months- waiting. I read it in high school of course, but I want to reread it with an adult/parents perspective.

1 comment:

Melissa Miller said...

Ooo, I will have to read My Sister's Keeper. I am always looking for a good recommendation. I often wonder about characters after I read a book too!


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