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03 October 2007

cowboy boots

Here is the cowboy boot quilt top- all pieced together- that I've been working on for my mom and her bed and breakfast Slot Canyons Inn. I've got so many projects started, it feels good to finally have something finished. OK well... once again part-way finished.
It pieced together pretty fast once I had the fabric all picked out and cut to size. I am still trying to decide on fabric for the border, there is a thin strip (2 in.) and a thicker one (3 in.) that go all the way around. I always get antsy at this stage of a quilt, I want to see it all done and quilted. Unfortunately I am on a waiting list at Corn Wagon (a great quilting store just down the street from my house) and they are 8 to 10 weeks out. I should have gotten on the quilting list a little earlier.


Bess said...

Hey Noelle,
I have been wanting to sew more. Where do you find all your cute fabric. Do you get a lot online?

H said...

Noelle, Try calling American Quilts (American Quilting?) on 800 N in Orem. Their list for quilting might be shorter. Their work is a lot like the Corn Wagon. Nice, clean, fun.


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