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10 October 2007

5 euros well spent

I saw this 'afro' plant in Denmark this summer at a grocery store. I couldn't keep my hands off of it. The plant was perfectly shaped, round and dense, I just wanted to lay my cheek against it or have a bed made out of it.
About a week later I found this planter at a flea market I knew the combination would be perfect. I got back to the US of A and could not find an 'afro' plant anywhere. I couldn't even ask anyone because I had no name for it.
Finally, I tried Cactus and Tropicals- a fabulous greenhouse in Salt Lake with every plant can dream of- and there was my little 'afro' plant, official name- 'baby tears'
I'm so happy to finally have this baby planted, the plant got a little munched during the transfer- it will take a month or so to grow in all full and give this baby a full head of hair.
This is just the sort of decor I love to have in my house, something that reminds you not to take yourself or life so seriously. I think he/she needs a name now.

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