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19 March 2007

st patrick's day party

saturday we celebrated maia's birthday with a -lots of kids and cake and fun- sort of party. thank goodness it was warm and sunny. seven years ago i worked very hard- i mean i didn't work at all, just sat on my butt- making sure her birthday wasn't on st. patrick's day. (it's actually march 18th) i personally feel you shouldn't have to share your birthday with a holiday. but, she seems to embrace the idea that one day away is close enough to claim it as your own personal holiday. so when the party fell on the real st. patrick's day we had to go for it. we had the full on wear your best green outfit, rainbow and pot o' gold cake, "hunt for the leprechauns gold" treasure hunt, a special visit from the elusive "larry the leprechaun" (her brother fischer). who is happy to oblige this role, and i believe has been anticipating it since he played a similar role at last years' party. anyway, here are some pictures of the cake and the gingerbread man turned leprechan cookies. as you can see, i'm an amateur when it comes to royal icing, being in a hurry didn't help. i just realized... he has a sort of chippendales look to him doesn't he?

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