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11 March 2007


this is gavin "schnowlerblading" up at sundance today. steve o coined the phrase, a mix of snow and rollerblade, with a few extra letters thrown in. die-hard skiers like to look down their noses at snowblading, a fad that was "all the rage" about 5 years ago, and that just makes it all that much more fun. we just happened to have kept a pair of these goofy snowblades, and we're bringing it back, but calling schnowlerblading- something much for fun to say and do. what do you do that's different? you ask... well that's really up to you, but here are a few fun ideas in picture. it's a good way to laugh with (or at) your friends when the snow is really slushy and not really worth skiing or snowboarding.


so said...

yes always a laugh, but I did not come up with the term, i first heard it from some punk snowboarder in Mammoth---but it is fun to say and do and anything that gets the hardcore skiers or boarders mad is good. Kipper got all crusty with me when see saw me on the schnowlerblades---i want to see her daddy on those babies.
Gavin rules.
and remember what i always say:
Fp Us Ci Ka

Kip said...

Oh whatever, I did not give you a crusty mista!! My heart was all a flutter because you know who was in town. Yes, I think you should ask daddy himself to get on the old schnowlerblades for a laugh. Ha ha. And oh, Gavin does not rule hee hee hee. Of course I always remember what you say, sometimes I say it myself!!
Ta ta

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gavin said...

Oh Yes I do Rule!, Thanks Steve O.


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