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28 March 2007

late snow

it happens every year, whether you are expecting it or not. there is probably 4 inches on my lawn, and it has been snowing all morning. this late storm doesn't bother me like it might some people. here are some reasons:
-the trees in my yard don't have enough new leaves or buds on them to put them in jeopardy of breaking, this means less time with the broom.
-all the snow in the valley will most likely be melted by tomorrow and we can all go back to our springtime adventures.
-it really beautiful to look out the window and see the snow falling (we didn't really get enough this last winter) and have new snow covering everything, even the daffodils.
-i'm going skiing today at snowbird with my ladies. (and a few fellas) an opportunity like this doesn't come around very often for a busy lady like myself.
......getting together with my ladies for a day of speeding down the hill, not in uniform, in some new spring snow...priceless

1 comment:

steph said...

I actually like a spring storm also! Hey it's March, summer is on it's way...Lovely picture.


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