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15 March 2007


here are some purses that are finally all finished. i think i will put some of my favorites, which include the ones shown here, in the gallery one ten show that steve o and i are doing, coming up in april.


steph said...

love the one with the little pink flowers-so cute. can't wait to see the show,it will be a fun party!
hearts n'hugs

Hailey Meyer Liechty said...

Wow! Noelle those bags are cool. (I won't show Stella, she'd want them all!) I love the monkey/huge pink flower. Made a fun flower with huge ricrac. Want to show you. Also have a new pink/orange, wool felt/satin scarf. Conducted the music today in it, C said it looked ceremonial. Looking forward to your show with Steve O: ---> as in :)


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