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29 March 2007

ski day

from r to l: kipper, me, corby, ken, wendy

yesterday was wonderful. it took me back to college days when i would have so much studying to do or a project to finish, but the powder was piling up, your ski dudes call... and you just blow off everything and ski. (pulling an all-nighter to catch up) sometimes no matter how much you have to do, you have to just drop everything and ski some powder with some good friends. i would recommend a day like this for everyone, it cleared my head and gave me a new outlook on life. thanks to everyone who made this day possible, especially steve o who took over the after-school chaos, had the kids fed and p.j.ed, kitchen and house cleaned up, when i got home. you're the best.


so said...

no problem
anything for you
when i first met noelle i was impressed that she could ski with the boys but also liked pretty things and could build them herself

Kip said...

Hey, I can't see the pictures, there are tiny x's and no pictures missy. Now I need to see those because it was one heck uv a great day wasn't it.


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