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26 March 2007

new curtains

i've been dying to make these curtains for my studio windows. (i guess that's what i'll call it) i know, the room has only been mine for a week, but i'm already sick of looking at the ugly basement window wells full of leaves, rocks (ok, so the rocks are supposed to be there) and whatnot. this weekend i finally put everything aside for an hour or so and whipped these up. i left them simple, although i thought about putting a ruffle at the bottom-out of another fabric...maybe later. i like this picture because you can kind of see the sparkle on the walls.


steph said...

Sew cute! When else can I say that? Can't wait to see your new room-love it. It makes a huge diff. to have a space that you love & that's organized! yay. My dream is a bakery room downstairs...

leslie peterson said...

NOelle, you fancy girl, I am trying to figure out how to make comments on your blog, this is tricky for me, I take after dad when it comes to computers, your favorite sister-in-law Les

leslie peterson said...

Hey, I did it!!! Now I will never shut up and you will be sorry!


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