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11 March 2007


i finally got the bedazzler out for a little fun, and the little bugger didn't make things dazzle like i wanted them to. so i went back to the craft store and found a bejeweler. this tool looks a bit like a sautering iron and affixes swarovski crystals with a heat activated adhesive. these little crystals really sparkle, and i like that. the name brand crystals don't come cheap, a package of 72 set me back $10, but on the other hand it is nearly impossible to find replacement gems for the bedazzler. The bejeweler cost me $8.99 at michaels craft store, and i think i'll use it more. my kids do love the bedazzler, and have really gone to town using it. it's safer for kids, no burning hot iron involved. i really love the new bling on my goggles. i've gotten many compliments on them already:)


Help Me said...

you could go even bedazzleier--i have the torah bright goggles.

Noelle O said...

i love the torah bright goggles. my friend has them and that is what gave me the goggle dazzled idea. i'm so glad you have a pair, they are super fabulous.


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