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23 March 2007

before and after

i went to find some lace yesterday in the lace bin and nearly got swallowed up. so, i stopped everything and took to reorganizing the tub. a lot of this lace is from Jan (my coolest mother-in-law ever) in earlier years she was a sewer/project doer, but these days she mostly makes amazing quilts. being the only one interested in fabric and that sort of thing in the family, i get all of the items she want to clean out and get rid of. lucky me. the rest of the lace is from this wacky place in springville called tasha's that used to carry all sorts of trim (good) and fabric (mostly gross) for super duper cheap, now it's an antique mall...bummer. it took me all day to sort this mess out, but boy- does it feel good, and look good in my new clean organized workspace.

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