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20 March 2007

my new space

i finally got my own room...steve o moved his office out of our basement and to a real downtown office a while ago and since then the room has just been used less and less my him and more and more for storage. so we made a shift. my fabric and sewing machines have slowly been taking over the toy room (because that was better than the kitchen table) this has been a rough spot between myself and the children. it was kind of a bummer for my kids to be told to not touch or move anything in their own toy room. so i have a new studio, office, sewing room... whatever you want to call it. i painted 2 of the walls metallic silver, the other 2 walls beach glass (martha color) then, i painted a glitter topcoat over all the walls. the glitter pieces are so small it's more of a shimmer effect, but i love it anyway. thank you steve o for moving all your junk out, giving me your space and your ikea shelves.

1 comment:

cassandra said...

I love to see other people's work spaces. Ever since I read A Room of One's Own I appreciate getting to have a space to thing and work in where I don't have to put my stuff away. Cool Noelle!


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