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26 March 2008

What effects does missing ingredients have on cookies?

Who knew that such a science project could take one 6th grader to the Regional Science Fair at BYU? That is a total of three times we've had to re-bake these 6 batches of cookies. The first two times the cookies were part of the display- making it quite visually appealing (and nearly impossible to pass by without inquiring after samples).
The third time- Regional Science Fair- no human food (or animal) food was allowed to be displayed, or just about everything else you might want to include in a clever science fair display (embryos of any kind, plants, lab or household chemicals- including water, sharp items-and the list goes on and on) paper and cardboard were acceptable- thankfully. So we re-baked to take pictures, because we neglected to photograph sufficiently the first and second time around.
Needless to say the picture display didn't quite have quite the same impact in competition. But, it all good... who needs to win when you get to spend one whole day, excused from school, hanging out on college campus with a few other 6th grade friends? Sounds priceless to me.

Thank goodness we are done baking. Cookie dough is my weakness, I have probably eaten half my body weight in dough and cookies since the end of January, while overseeing this project. And no... not the wacky batches- come on... I'm not quite that hard up.


Midge said...

Your flourless cookies look slightly less apealing than my flourless cake. Brilliant idea though.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

Genius...never saw this entry before. Congrats to Miss Q!!!!


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