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13 March 2008

bicycle basket

This bicycle basket makes me long for spring. I know it's on it's way, but it seems to be taking too long to really warm up. My kids think 50 degrees means shorts and a tank top, my 3 year old even had his bathing suit on yesterday. Yikes! I'm holding out for high 60's.
I really need some sun on my limbs.
I'm getting antsy to get back on the bike- even for a trip just to the grocery store. (although, when I go to the grocery store I would probably need at least 10 of these baskets)
Anyway, the MoMA store is where you can find it, along with many other cool things.


steph said...

I'm with your kids,it finally feels like spring! I love it! I've been riding my new bike to my piano lesson and it makes me so happy!

H said...

So cool! I saw this basket after I bought one for S and was sad. S didn't want the groovy (oversize classic wicker) one I found for her anyway... Been on a few short rides. Rode to church today. Lovely. Just couldn't start a second car because I was late. Cool finger tips, happy heart.

Steph! Cool that you bike to piano lessons!


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