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04 March 2008

how I spent my princess weekend

My lovely spouse sent me to So Cal this past weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation at the beach house with two of my favorite people- his Mom and Dad (also visiting- gregarious nephew Chris and his friend Porsha). The weather was fairly cooperative, and a few days away from real life were luxurious.

Highlights from the weekend- this delicious meals at Sarducci's in San Juan Capistrano. Halibut and mashed potatoes with a cilantro lime sauce on one side and a mango something-something extremely fabulous sauce on the other side, and some mango salsa in the middle. Wow.

I wanted to sit on my butt as much as possible, and I did. I read plenty (Sarah's Quilt-sequel to These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner) and Twilight (a treat even the second time) and saw lots of movies. Here is the movie list:
There Will be Blood- based on the book 'Oil' by Upton Sinclair. A powerful long movie, Daniel Day Lewis (dreamy in my book) definitely deserved an Oscar for this performance. I was glad to be sitting next to my father-in-law who did some lawyering in the 60's in California concerning the oil companies and gave me some extra insight as we watched.
In Bruges- I was on my way to see The Counterfeiters and went to the wrong theater, so I ended up seeing this one. Interesting, wacky, bloody- but entertaining.
Diving Bell and the Butterfly- I really liked this film. Directed by Julian Schnabel- it is an amazing true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, a man in his early 40's who suffers from a stroke and winds up completely paralyzed (locked-in syndrome), able only to blink his one eye to communicate from his perfectly intact brain. Shot from all sorts of crazy angles you really feel as if you can begin to comprehend what he is going through. He writes a book through blinking his eye at the correct letter for a therapist. Amazing story and film.
Be Kind Rewind- By Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep) A double treat- Gondry's creatively brilliant filmmaking and Jack Black's always lovable acting. I enjoyed every minute of it.


The Wilkinson Clan said...

Good for you. It sounds wonderful!!!

Colett said...

You are a real live princess! What a decadent trip!! I want to go

Beehive said...

Look at the pretty ocean! I'm glad that you had a nice get-away.

steph said...

Hey, that was me- I was changing the invite on bb blog and I was signed in on that one.

BH said...

dang SteveO is going to get husband of the year, again. It just pisses me off. Making the rest of us ordinary guys look like oafs. He looks good in a speedo too.


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