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20 March 2008

using my skills

Party invitation made on Photoshop- (minus the text). As you can see I still have a lot to learn- like the dark edges around the bottom of the hair. On the printed copy I hid it with a little glitter, then I couldn't stop with the glitter and I glittered the wings too. You would perhaps never guess that this simple party invitation took me an entire afternoon to make. But- I believe I am improving little by little. Playing with Photoshop is very fun.


lex said...

I agree photoshop is really fun. I too can get lost playing with it for hours. :)

Midge said...

Very cute, I bet it looked even better with glitter. I've been playing with photoshop more lately. I haven't had a class since college, geez 10 years ago, but I actually retained alot and the more I play the more I learn. There is a dodge tool that could lighten up her hair. Just to throw it out there, I'd be happy to show you what I know on Photoshop anytime.

Midge said...

Oh, and Happy Easter. Did you make anything fun, or did it sneak up on you like it did everyone else this year.

steph said...

The girls loved the invite and the party of course!! Super cute,good job noelleo.

Zoe said...

Noelle, I love your blog! I also checked out your etsy shop - you are soo talented! I had to laugh because, alas, I too am addicted to Photoshop! I am so glad that I met you - a kindred spirit! :)

Colett said...

I love this and just so you know, I am stealing the idea for Milli's Luao party in a few weeks!


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