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28 March 2008

3 random things to share on a Friday afternoon...

1. Felt flowers- I've been making these babies for the Beehive Bazaar all week, I really like the way they are turning out, especially in a photograph and all lined up next to each other. (wow- really deep thoughts)

2. Making me smile and laugh out loud (albeit nervously) this week and not to be missed, stuff white people like.

3. Busy vs. Productive
Busy-ness is impressive. It puts you in the heat of the action. It gives you an elevated sense of importance. You’re always late for social engagements, barely have enough time for family get-togethers, and hardly get a moment’s sleep. […] Of course, it’s all just an illusion. -Brad Bollenbach

Are you productive or just acting busy?


Midge said...

I love those felt gerbera's, they look increadibly hard to make. I saw the post on beehive's of the one all finished it's so cool. Can't wait for the bizaare.

steph said...

Please let me not just be acting busy---if I am, I'm going to hop in the RV and live out the rest of my days in Mexico...

The Wilkinson Clan said...

Ask me again...depends on the day.


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