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07 March 2008


I have nothing to blog about because all I have done all week is read... the Twilight series. Re-read that is, and YES- it's even better the second time. I started Twilight on the plane home from CA. I secretly wished I was flying to Australia- I could have finished all three books in one peaceful 14 hour sitting- stuck in seat 19A, people bring me food, surrounded by strangers I'd never see again and don't even have to acknowledge, no one needing anything from me. (oh well- I'll have to settle for stolen moments throughout the day and night to read)
I am half was through Eclipse and have to finish tonight so I can get reacquainted with my family. I'm obsessed... and I don't care.


steph said...

I love bella and edward. I can't wait for the final book to come out, I'm dying to know what happens. Edward is a stone cold fox. I read all three books twice last summer and it was the best. Good thing they are easy reads!

Zoe said...

I was soooo into this series too. The pangs of love for Edward have faded . . . but I think that I might reopen the old wound pretty soon here, to get ready for the fourth book! LOL!

I made a Twilight ATC card too - I know, I am a nerd - here is the link

well, it was actually for New Moon . . .


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