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31 March 2008

go ahead and try making your life more like this, your kids will squirm

This is a silly video-(its 3 minutes long, for those of you trying to be less busy and more productive today) it will make you smile AND most importantly it showcases my next Halloween costume. Ahhh yeah, the Hot Dog on a Stick uniform.

To my sisters: April- Hot Dog on a Stick uniform- brilliant, way to go! And Precia- the first to admit you'd wear the uniform in the first place, if I sew it, can we share the costume?


Precia said...

You know I love to share! Just to get ready for Halloween I'm going to start working out right now.

Precia said...

You sewing it is a way better idea than me getting one of my YW to get a job there and keep it till October. OK I swear that is my last comment. P

Diania said...

Wow. But yes, it is the best Halloween Costume ever.

lex said...

Not sure how I would have reacted to that. It would have depended on who I was with...oh but wait, what would I be doing in a mall in the first place? :)

Great flick!


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