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11 March 2008

new skirt

I finally stopped with the read-a-thon long enough to make something. Here is the skirt I made from the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern. I lined it with some fancy satiny fabric as you can see. (It's kind of like having fancy underwear on- it makes you feel like you've got some secret, like our friend Victoria.) The fabric was wet when I took the picture. I had just washed it to try and get the unfinished bits on the layers to fray a bit more but, I think the fabric may be wrong for too much fraying. If you remember I got the fabric on ebay- I thought it was 100% cotton but, it feels more like a rayon/cotton blend. Good fabric for a skirt though- it hangs nice, not much stretch. Anyway, I like how it turned out. Now I need to loose my last 5 or 10 (depending on how much I care on any given day) so it will hang right when I wear it.

By the way... read-a-thon participants:
Mole People by Jennifer Toth
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Emma by Jane Austen
March by Geraldine Brooks
Sarah's Quilt by Nancy E Turner
Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer
So (or should I say... "sew") now I'll just watch movies or listen to books on CD while I sew.- I've got lots of sewing to do with the Beehive Bazaar coming right up in May. Oooh I absolutely love multi-tasking. I don't know what it is- I can't stop, I just love a good story- and an escape too I reckon.


steph said...

So cute-I bet it looks great on.

Midge said...

That turned out great and so smart to put silky fabric inside, it would feel sassy when you wear it. I can't wait for the Behive bizaare!


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