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08 March 2010

March- so far

Here's my Art by Nikki MaClure calendar, that I got for my birthday (thanks Molly!) The March image seems especially relevant, since it seems like I've done nothing but stitch (and sit at the computer...) so far this month... and February- truth be told. I'm trying to avoid the word busy, it seems like such a cop out or easy excuse for getting out of tasks you really don't want to do anyway. Just sigh, pause and drop the words, "Well, I'm just so busy right now..." and you can weasel out of whatever you don't really want to do- (and sound important at the same time). So, I avoid the word, put my head down, and don't look up until I've made a dent. But the fun, the sleep, the play, life has passed me by- and I'm still working away. Something's got to give- I want a break...

Here's some evidence of busy hands at stitchery... luck for me I really do love sewing. I've listened to about 10 books in the last month, and been running through the Netflix queue at top speed, just to pass time in the "sweat shop".

These purses (and other snazzy goods made by a few other local artists) and many other handmade treats will be purchase-able a special event coming up April 1st. Beehive Bazaar is teaming up with Deseret Bookstore for a Ladies Night party/shopping extravaganza- Conference weekend. If you're local- you for sure want to check it out.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Again, we are like the same person. I look at the same calendar everyday while I'm working.

noelle said...

weird, girl- we should get together and talk about this... over a cupcake.


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